My Truman show.

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Yesterday I watched the movie The Truman Show. At first a disturbing movie, but the pieces fall together after a while, and the more I thought about it, the more I got it.

This morning I watched the ending scene again, and it occured to me that my life has a lot in commun with this story.

If I replace :

the director of the show- played by Ed Harris- by my father.

the biggest studio ever build by the warm cocoon where I grew up;

I suddenly understand both viewpoints, aswell the directors as the one of the star of the show, who never ever wanted to be a star.

It was hard for me, to find out that the real world was outside that warm “studio”, but the sense of freedom I gained since I opened the door is much more heartwarming than any certainty I had inside.

Real freedom is being able to decide by yourself.


Life is like a bicycle journey !!!

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I came across this inspiring message on you tube.

So it seems not only my dad made the comparison of life with a cycle journey.

There is still hope for this world.

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I was raised by parents that were almost by definition  against anything concerning computers or the internet. This negativism had everything to do with not knowing “the enemy”.  When I first got to know the medium, I was rather afraid of it too: my children were growing up, and you heard so much about the dangers of the medium. Bit by bit I learned about the world-wide web. There are still a lot of dangers left I think, specially for young people who don’t have the chance to get to know the medium  in a positive way.

There is a positive side to it, even a very positive in my opinion. I see so much good and creative ideas on the net , launched by idealistic young people. These idealists were there before too of course, but if and when they had a world-changing idea, they talked about it to their best friends and in most of the times, after a small period of time the idea simply died. Now, you can launch your ideas on the www, and if by any chance somewhere on the other side of the globe someone thinks the same, you can get connected, and if the idea has a real chance of changing the world, it will not die, it will grow.

If you are thinking that bad idea’s has just as much opportunities to grow on the www, I must admit you are right. But still… I think this is the first time in history a good idea inside of the head of an invisible  individual can grow to be a world-wide solution for worldwide problems. So we should embrace the opportunity.

Some examples of positive vibes I recently came across:


and the example that for sure works: I know because I’m part of it!!


No more need for money or creditcards…IMAGINE!!!

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Unfortunately I can’t give you a quick image about what I mean by this title. It is all about an almost 3 hours during film documentary you can see for free on you tube by clicking the link underneath.

It was my son Frank who brought this to my attention. He is becoming a father soon and it seems to me he found his real goal in life. He was so excited about something called  “The Venus Project” which he discovered on the internet…so he got me curious enough to look it up.

I was amazed: the founder of the project Jacque Fresco, a 94 year old scientist who dedicated the last 35 years of his life to the project , made me and I’m sure my son too,think about a lot of discussions I had with my dad. But also the beginning of the film, made me finally realise why I never liked to play monopoly, and stubbornly refused to learn the rules of the game!!! 😉

I hope a lot of people will take action to change the course of our planet’s history and for the first time I believe it is still possible mainly thanks to science, which I rather saw as an obstruction to healing this world…but he’s right…it’s our damned MONEY-BASED-SYSTEM that is killing us !!!!




I  just  watched this film .

I’m  impressed …a lot!!!

Charmed by the same stubbornness I see in some of our couch surfers travelling the world, although they might not have been facing the same extreme circumstances as the young man in the film.

Shocked by the end too.

I hope a lot of young people have the same courage to try to find truth in life, but I also hope not everyone has to go this far to find out that HAPPINESS  IS ONLY REAL WHEN SHARED !!!



Couchsurfing and it’s sociological importance.

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as you can read here, there are more people excited about couchsurfing as a way to make this world a better place !!!!

Impressed by a television documentary on Belgian television.

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Yesterday I looked at the first part of a television program “Sisters of my daughter”, about AIDS orphans in Africa.

It’s such a nice touching story about what love is capable to move and change in this world.

I think we should all take a big example to Annemie Struyf and more specially to Achieng.

You can read more about them here:  HOPE FOR KABONGO

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