Once again life confronts me with its fragility:

Less than a moth ago we traveled to Canada, together with my mom.  She’s 80 years old and she got less and less mobile in the last two years since my dad died, but she managed. This morning my brother rang me to tell that she fell – once again -and this time she hurt herself. The doctor came and decided she needs some tests at the hospital, so now she’s  in the hospital for a week. Just the day before I was sending a mail to enquire conditions for her to some assisted living…today I’m not even sure this will be a possibility…Once she was so strong, and now her strength seems to flow away…

We are so small, life is so short, we must never forget to enjoy as much as we can, for as long as we can!!!

27/10/2010:  Coincidence or not??? Yesterday after my visit to my mom together with my eldest daughter Veerle, she gave us just the same advice: enjoy while you can, because once your here, it’s getting difficult !!!