From warm showers to cold shower.

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We spend the most beautifull authum week in this cabin in nature, no wifi, no news, just enjoy living.

The very same day we got home, we had a Warmshower guest visiting us on his way from the UK to China.


Tommy, 22 years old, survived cancer two times and is now cycling to China to raise money for the good cause.

You can donate through his website The hopeful vagabond.

In the morning the teribble news about  the terrorist attacks in Paris. felt like a ice cold shower, bringing us “back to reality ” in the most brutal way.

When Tommy left, once again it was goodbye to a friend, with a real warm hug.

I just don’t understand that if one can feel connected to people we just met the day before, people from all over the planet, than why is it so difficult to achive peace in this world?

Time we start uniting in stead of dividing!!!



“Chronische Fahrrad Krankheit”

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Heinz Stücke is a legendary world cyclist . We discovered him some years ago on the internet through a picture that makes us think about him every time we cycle along a bathtub in a field, especially when it’s hot.

Heinz Stücke in bath tub

It happens that Heinz recently got back home in Germany in his hometown Höfelhof. After a cycle adventure of 648.000 km in 40 years.

Our latest Warm Showers guest Chris’tian from Thüringen (D) met Heinz during one of his public talks and afterwards even visited Heinz at his place in Höfelhof. Chris’tian is very much impressed about the simplicity of the man and his humor and young spirit at the age of 75 now. Heinz is his hero.

When Chris’tian arrived at our place, we started talking bicycle stories like we could go on for ever. It felt just right to talk with somebody with the same” addiction”.  We didn’t know than that Chris’ had met Heinz.

When Chris was getting pretty sure about the fact that we were just as crazy about cycle adventures as he is, he said:

” I have the perfect gift for you guys !!! “

Than , he pulled out of one of his bicycle bags, a little booklet, signed by Heinz Stücke and gave it to us.

This was indeed perfect!!!

This was indeed perfect!!!

Chris stayed two night at our place and every now and than we mentioned Heinz in our never ending cycle talks.

I got more and more interested in the man’s story, and came along this video .

The last words in that video , definately discribe perfectly our condition: 

“chronische fahrrad krankheit”



Thanks Chris’tian  for  “infecting”  us a little bit more with the “chronic cycle disease” 


you can visit Chris’ website:  http://highfiving.jimdo.com/

or buy one of his amazing photographs:  http://christianmalsch.jimdo.com/

Sunny and Bona from Korea, two cycling sisters.

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Bona and Sunny, two cycling sisters, send us a request to stay with us through warmshowers.

We read on their profile, that they are on their first big cycling trip, starting in Madrid (Es) and going through Europe.

They would be arriving around 18.00 on Thursday. Since we were out ourselves on that day, we had to hurry to be home in time.

In the car, around 17.30, I got a phonecall:  Bona and Sunny’s previous host from Bruges told me he was at our door with the two girls and their bikes and luggage…he decided to give them a lift because of the rain. They already cycled from Bruges to Gent and back that day and were cold.

We arrived some 10 minutes later and welcomed the girls and thanked their host.

We immediately felt a connection and started talking and having fun. Bona the youngest sister is the one who speaks English the best, she lived in the States for some years. Sunny is the quit one. While they were having a “warm shower” (!), I prepared diner and after some more talking,the sisters had a deserved early night.

In the morning, I first took the girls shopping, because they wanted to prepare a Korean dish for us in the evening…how exiting is this?!!

Than Chris – magic mechanic 😉 – started his bike repair course. It was so nice to see the three of them having so much fun together and learning fluently. Teacher and pupils equaly happy!!!

After the “hard work” Chris promissed the girls to go to “beer heaven“. So we did: we took them to the local beershop and they were amased by the amount and different kinds of beer. Chris explained thoroughly about beers and their origine and taste…with a lot of typical “ooohhh and aaahhh’s ” in responce from Sunny and Bona   😀

Back home Sunny and Bona started cooking, and it was my time to learn: how to make an eggroll, how to use soy sauce, how to eat the Koran way…Diner was delicious !! Diner was also combined with  beer tasting and a lot of laughter.

We finished the evening in two seperate groups: Chris and Bona organising the route for tommorrow to Lille (Fr) . Sunny and me having a philosophical conversation about life in general.

This morning after breakfast Sunny and Bona continued their journey: cycling to Lille, where on Sunday morning they take a train to Milano in Italy.

Brave girls, we miss them already!!!

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My Truman show.

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Yesterday I watched the movie The Truman Show. At first a disturbing movie, but the pieces fall together after a while, and the more I thought about it, the more I got it.

This morning I watched the ending scene again, and it occured to me that my life has a lot in commun with this story.

If I replace :

the director of the show- played by Ed Harris- by my father.

the biggest studio ever build by the warm cocoon where I grew up;

I suddenly understand both viewpoints, aswell the directors as the one of the star of the show, who never ever wanted to be a star.

It was hard for me, to find out that the real world was outside that warm “studio”, but the sense of freedom I gained since I opened the door is much more heartwarming than any certainty I had inside.

Real freedom is being able to decide by yourself.

Vennbahn 2015 with our grandson Arne

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After 5 years, finaly the picture story about our cycle adventure in BC

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This is the first picture story I made with a not free program (Wondershare Slideshow Builder)

Hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy re-living yhis trip of ours.

Natural born travelers Anna and Kris from Poland.

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When I got a request from Anna and Kris on the Warmshowers website , I didn’t hesitate one minute to accept.

Meeting for the first time travellers that are accualy on the road for almost two year, is a wonderfull opportunity.

Anna and Kris were both born in Poland, as the “first free generation” as they call it. They met at a very young age: she was 15 and he 18, when they traveled for the first time together by bicycle. The world was open for discovery and they continued traveling as much as possible. They are a couple for 17 years now and in May 2013 they started on a big cycling trip through South America.

We hosted them at the end of their South America trip, going back to London. Kris’ family is living there , and so London became some kind of a “basekamp” in between travels. Anna works as a fitness instructor and Kris works for a garbage collecting compagnie. They get their jobs back any time they are back in the country.Now it’s again a working period for them, but not the end of traveling: they are thinking about going to Asia for cycling or maybe horse riding through Mongolia.

The natural way those two belong together is wonderfull to see !

Anna and Kris you definately understand what life is about. Hope you have a long happy life together and maybe we can meet again some day.

Happy Trails !!!





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