Vennbahn 2015 with our grandson Arne

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The miracle of life.

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The miracle of life.

Yesterday 22/09/2011 my 5th grandchild Aleksei was born.
He is my son’s son, and my third grandson.

Although being a grandmother isn’t new anymore for me of course, this new life is always a miracle. It reminds us of the blessings of our own lives, of the happiness when our own children were born.

Welcome Aleksei on this beautiful planet and in our family , may you have a happy life.

Cycling with grandchildren.

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For the first time we went for a ride with my youngest daughters two girls .

We cycled 30 km along the river Leie near their place Wervik.

Could we have a small cycle vacation next summer ?? this would sure be nice.

Nara’s song….an impression.

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14/05/2011 Nara’s first hours.

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Today my second granddaughter Nara is born.  She weighs 3,670 Kg and is 50 cm tall.

Once again I had the chance to be present at the birth of a grandchild , for the 4th time now.  I think this was the first time I truly realized what was happening… a great wonder of nature !!! So many different emotions are going through once’s  head when you get the chance to be there with your daughter when giving birth… fear for something bad happening, wanting to help but not really being able to, admiration for the strength of your daughter,  such a release when the baby is there, loving feelings in general… All together very mixed feelings !!!

It’s so amazing to see how we all arrive on this world, we should never forget what a gift life is, what a gift a mother is.

Thanks mother nature.

Life is so fragile…


Once again life confronts me with its fragility:

Less than a moth ago we traveled to Canada, together with my mom.  She’s 80 years old and she got less and less mobile in the last two years since my dad died, but she managed. This morning my brother rang me to tell that she fell – once again -and this time she hurt herself. The doctor came and decided she needs some tests at the hospital, so now she’s  in the hospital for a week. Just the day before I was sending a mail to enquire conditions for her to some assisted living…today I’m not even sure this will be a possibility…Once she was so strong, and now her strength seems to flow away…

We are so small, life is so short, we must never forget to enjoy as much as we can, for as long as we can!!!

27/10/2010:  Coincidence or not??? Yesterday after my visit to my mom together with my eldest daughter Veerle, she gave us just the same advice: enjoy while you can, because once your here, it’s getting difficult !!!


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When my dad left us about 2 years ago, we all felt lost, we lost our guiding star…

Luckily he left us a huge amount of sketches and notes about his life.

I recently started trying to make a book out of it.

I designed a cover for the book with one of his  self portraits.



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