A moment of fame for our campinmygarden guests.

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Today Nigel and Richard arrived early in the afternoon and set up their tents to get ready for their photo shoot.
I first got a telephone call from the photographer, who wanted to make sure the ‘stars’ were already on location. The man had to drive all the way from Antwerpen to come and take the pictures.
When he arrived, we all got impressed with the loads of equipment he dragged into the garden. Than the setup started and he gave our two ‘models’ some instructions on what to do and where to be precisely. After some three more other settings and I think at least hundred pictures taken, the man finally seemed content.
It was quit some experience for Nigel and Richard. They will remember the last day of their cycle trip through Belgium for a long time I suppose.
For us too it was an interesting experience: one never expects so much time and work is hiding in each little illustrated article in a magazine.
After the fotographer left we invited our stars to eat with us and had again a very pleasant evening laughing with their stories.




Exiting news!

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A few days after Nigel and Richard left I received an email through the campinmygarden website:
Some kind of reporter was looking for people who are camping, to make pictures for an article. The article would be published in august in a free magazine that is distributed on large scale throughout Belgium.
“Oh…what a pity ” I thought, “just too late”
But earlier this morning I got another message, from Richard: asking if he and his mate Nigel would be welcome again in our garden next Monday.
Some mails and Facebook messages later I managed to arrange that both campers and photographer will meet in our garden around 17.30 next Monday.
The article will appear in:


Our first guests through “campinmygarden”


Some two years ago I made my profile on a new hospitality-site called camp in my garden: http://campinmygarden.com
I almost forgot about it when suddenly this spring I finally got a request.
Yesterday was the day we expected two cyclists from England, two truckers. For them it was their first experience through the system too.
We had a wonderful evening with a lot of talking and laughter and this morning Nigel and Richard sat of direction Ypres, where they booked on a campsite for tonight.They want to visit the “In flanders field-museum” and to witness the Last Post at the Menin gate.After this their plan is to cycle into the Ardennes,to stay a bit in the region of La Roche and than they cycle back towards Waterloo, where ther will be some kind of an reinactment.

It was once again a wonderful experience, so now I hope more requests will come in through what is for us the third site we are “working with” to connect with people from al over the planet.
We have made ourselves two new friends.
Nigel and Richard you are always welcome if you happen to be in the neighbourhood.

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