Picture story cycletrip 2014 (part 1)

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In june we cycled from Belgium to the Suisse border in Basel, along the western front line of WW I.

Part 1 is an impression about the many monuments and wargraves we came across.

Part 2 is still in the making process!!!


New blog in Dutch.

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A lot of people in my surroundings prefer to read my travel stories in Dutch, so I decided to start a new blog :http://vakantiefietsersonderweg.blogspot.be/2013/04/fietsreis-2013-zweden.html

This could mean less writing on this blog, although my couchsurfer stories may have a better place over her.

Since last time I wrote there was a long silent period concerning couchsurfing, but now we are launched again.

Here some pictures:


Anna , American-Russian



Yeonju from Korea

I have a dream.


http://www.northsea-cycle.com/  website

getflashplayer\”   link to a promotional film for the route

Yes, I have a dream: a dream to once cycle the complete North Sea Cycle Route.

6000 km long: this would be good for a whole summer of cycling.

We cycled parts of it already: the section in the Netherlands and the section in Denmark.

Scotland has always been on my wish list too and Norway speaks to my imagination…

So I just keep on dreaming and hopefully once my partner has his pension we will still be able to do it.

For now I see it as a good reason or motivation to keep in shape !!!


Life is like a bicycle journey !!!

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I came across this inspiring message on you tube.

So it seems not only my dad made the comparison of life with a cycle journey.

My cycling history.

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I just started a new book about my cycling adventures, and this is the oldest picture I found of myself biking.

I’m quit fond of it actualy 🙂

It makes me believe somehow I was predestinated to become a cycle-lover.

No more need for money or creditcards…IMAGINE!!!

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Unfortunately I can’t give you a quick image about what I mean by this title. It is all about an almost 3 hours during film documentary you can see for free on you tube by clicking the link underneath.

It was my son Frank who brought this to my attention. He is becoming a father soon and it seems to me he found his real goal in life. He was so excited about something called  “The Venus Project” which he discovered on the internet…so he got me curious enough to look it up.

I was amazed: the founder of the project Jacque Fresco, a 94 year old scientist who dedicated the last 35 years of his life to the project , made me and I’m sure my son too,think about a lot of discussions I had with my dad. But also the beginning of the film, made me finally realise why I never liked to play monopoly, and stubbornly refused to learn the rules of the game!!! 😉

I hope a lot of people will take action to change the course of our planet’s history and for the first time I believe it is still possible mainly thanks to science, which I rather saw as an obstruction to healing this world…but he’s right…it’s our damned MONEY-BASED-SYSTEM that is killing us !!!!


Nara’s song….an impression.

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