Aileen and Maria from London

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Aileen and Maria , 19 and 20 years old and on their second cycle trip.They surfed my couch last night.

Last year Maria asked Aileen on Face Book if she wanted to join her on a cycle trip to Berlin. Aileen said “yes”.

Their parents thought they were crazy and would never make it. But they did !!

And what’s even more: they decided to do it again this year, but now the goal is Paris.

The “microbe” hit hard I think, because they are already thinking big and plan to go cycling in New Zealand!!!

Good travels girls, wishing you all the best !!!

And thank you for your lovely signature on my friendships curtain.

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On the road again !!!

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End of the month we start our cycle trip right at our doorstep. 100 years after the Great War, we decided to cycle the Frontline Route.

The route will bring us to Basel in Switzerland.

Once in Basel we stay with a couchsurfer who agreed to store our bikes for a month at her place.

We travel back by train and about one month later we come back to cycle a tour of Switzerland.





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Couchsurfer Joshua visites us for the second time.

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When I read the couch request, I immidiately recognised the name and I got exited: its always nice when people come and surf for the second time.
After a long summer of adventures,Josh hitchhiked back home to the UK leaving his beloved tricycle with his friends in Germany. Now he is joining the group again for the summer. He decided to pay us a visit on his way.
We are looking forward meeting him on Wednesday.

Thursday 30 may 2013

I just dropped Josh near the motorway , he hopes to arrive hitchhiking near Dresden tonight…



He arrived yesterday evening around 18.00 with a man who was so kind to bring him right at our door.
I prepared a Belgian cheese and beer dinner and we spend the whole evening talking about what happened to us all, since we met, more than a year ago.
It seems that we all learned a lot about ourselves and it’s nice to see that the somehow chaotic mind of Josh turned into a more settled mind after a year of experiencing all kind off adventures. He was strugling with a lot of pieces of dreams of his, which he now thinks to bring all together next year, after another summer of learning and adventures.
He learned that he needs a place to call home and people to go home to, although he loves beeing on the road.

One thing is sure: if we ever decide to go cycling in the UK, we will contact Josh and if possible meet him there to do some cycling together.

Tchey and Prince Yvonne.

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Some 7 months ago a couchsurfer surfed our couch, the young Frenchman was on a long walk preparing himself for the great adventure he was planning. At the end of the school year he would give up his work in a school in Brittany, give away all his belongings and then start of for a journey without real itinerary or end date…

We kept in touch through the internet by means of his blog: http://carnets-virtuels.org/ and last week he arrived back at our place. He started of in the south of France where his mother lives and since did some 1400 km by foot, some 400 km in a canoe and hitchhiked some 400 km too.

He is planning to go to the pole circle to see some Northern lights. To get there in time for that, he was thinking about buying a cheap bicycle to continue his road towards Denmark.

Last time he visited us he borrowed my mom’s old bicycle and thinking about this inspired me. I had a proposition for Tchey by the time he arrived at our place: I decided to give my mom’s old bike a spirit and a new life. I baptised the bike “Yvonne” after my mother, offered it to Tchey in exchange for the promise to send me pictures from Yvonne from time to time and to look for a worthy new owner for her if the time comes he wouldn’t need the bike anymore. Tchey accepted the offer in gratitude and made Prince Yvonne his bikes new name.

Yesterday Tchey and Prince Yvonne took of for the big adventure…

To be continued.

18/11/2012 first pictures :


20/11/2012 arriving in Germany :


Tchey and Prince Yvonne arrived early december in Aälborg in Denmark and start having some difficulties continuing in the snow, so maybe the time has arrived for Tchey to look for another compagnon for Prince Yvonne… They did some 1600 km together, not bad at all !!!

Arriving in Denmark in Tönder.

Prince Yvonne next to the statues Men at the Sea in Esbjerg (Denmark) place we recommended to Tchey, because we were there during our cycling trip in Denmark in 2009. Prince Yvonne next to the statues Men at the Sea in Esbjerg (Denmark) place we recommended to Tchey, because we were there during our cycling trip in Denmark in 2009.

Tom from Darwin, Australia


Since couch surfing offers a new feature where you can invite surfers that are coming your way, we have met the most interesting people: first we had Josh from the UK, than Tchey  from France and now Tom from Australia.

Every single one of them has his own special story but the three of them have something interesting in common: they don’t want to lead an insignificant life of going with the flow, they choose their own way. Josh trusts in his faith and is artistic en socially engaged. Tchey wants to keep in touch with nature as much as possible and doesn’t accept to give away the directions of his life to anyone else than himself. Tom is lawyer, and thereby achieved his place in our society but still has the courage to do the unusual, by deciding at the spot , to cycle from London back to Berlin where he currently lives.

as Tom offered to play the guitar after dinner I invited my daughter and son-in-law, because he is learning to play the guitar too, and I thought this would be fun for him

in the morning Chris and Tom fixed the problem with the tire

Tom finally ready to get off again, heading to Gent

Tom brought us a speciality from his hometown: dried mango chips.

Once again it was a wonderful couch surf experience.

Tchey from France.

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Again a very enriching meeting with an inspiring young man. A man not only dreaming his dream but living it.

In a few months he will take of for a big journey walking and hitch hiking his way through the world with the whole of his possessions in his backpack. No itinerary , no end date.

Although complete strangers, we had very deep and personal conversations and felt a strange connections between us.

You can follow his adventures on his blog  http://carnets-virtuels.org/ and on Google+

He spend two nights at our place and did a 100 km long  bicycle tour around Bruges with my mom’s bike.

looking for the right bike

ready to hitch hike and walk to the next destination: Lille (France)


Couchsurfer Joshua Simpson from the UK.

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A few weeks ago an article in the Couch Surf Group from Bruges,  got my attention: a  young performing artist was looking for a place to surf sometimes around the beginning of March. The guy was planning a trip with his tricycle from the UK to Berlin in Germany. In Berlin he would be joining a group of artists going off for a tour in eastern europe. You can read about them on their site: http://www.2wheels4change.com/. As you will see they are all on different kinds of custom-made bicycles.

I contacted him and we came to an agreement.

So last thursday after his first week of cycling he arrived at our place.

Josh told us he had some trouble with the wheels feeling lose and wobbly since the last few days.

In the evening, Chris looked up some tricycle mechanics on the internet, hoping to be able to fix the problem on friday.

Of course Chris was curious about cycling this tricycle, and he had a test ride after trying to fix the wheel problem.

Josh had a test ride too, and was very pleased with the result and now knowing what to do if the problem occurred again.

We spend a good time together, talking about cycling, traveling, being organised or not, world changing ideas like : ” a beautiful day-day ” or building a cycle able to row on the water…

And than this morning we accompanied Josh towards the Canal Ostend Gent, which would bring him easily on quit roads to his next pit stop Gent.

Maybe Josh should do a little effort to be a bit more organised:  he forgot his sketchbook and case at our home …

So we sprinted back home while he was waiting for us. We than went back to the canal with the car to deliver his sketchbook.

Anyway I think Josh is a great guy, and I admire his courage and willingness to do what he is doing.

Have a good trip !!!


















You can follow Josh’ adventures on his personal blog:




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