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We spend the most beautifull authum week in this cabin in nature, no wifi, no news, just enjoy living.

The very same day we got home, we had a Warmshower guest visiting us on his way from the UK to China.


Tommy, 22 years old, survived cancer two times and is now cycling to China to raise money for the good cause.

You can donate through his website The hopeful vagabond.

In the morning the teribble news about  the terrorist attacks in Paris. felt like a ice cold shower, bringing us “back to reality ” in the most brutal way.

When Tommy left, once again it was goodbye to a friend, with a real warm hug.

I just don’t understand that if one can feel connected to people we just met the day before, people from all over the planet, than why is it so difficult to achive peace in this world?

Time we start uniting in stead of dividing!!!