My Truman show.

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Yesterday I watched the movie The Truman Show. At first a disturbing movie, but the pieces fall together after a while, and the more I thought about it, the more I got it.

This morning I watched the ending scene again, and it occured to me that my life has a lot in commun with this story.

If I replace :

the director of the show- played by Ed Harris- by my father.

the biggest studio ever build by the warm cocoon where I grew up;

I suddenly understand both viewpoints, aswell the directors as the one of the star of the show, who never ever wanted to be a star.

It was hard for me, to find out that the real world was outside that warm “studio”, but the sense of freedom I gained since I opened the door is much more heartwarming than any certainty I had inside.

Real freedom is being able to decide by yourself.


Picture Today Inspire Tomorrow

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ADAY.org – Picture Today Inspire Tomorrow.

I came across this interesting project on the internet and joined.

I think it’s a great idea, and I like being part of great idea’s   😉

I made up my profile and now it’s waiting for the date to come: 15th of may I have to take some pictures.

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