Heinz Stücke is a legendary world cyclist . We discovered him some years ago on the internet through a picture that makes us think about him every time we cycle along a bathtub in a field, especially when it’s hot.

Heinz Stücke in bath tub

It happens that Heinz recently got back home in Germany in his hometown Höfelhof. After a cycle adventure of 648.000 km in 40 years.

Our latest Warm Showers guest Chris’tian from Thüringen (D) met Heinz during one of his public talks and afterwards even visited Heinz at his place in Höfelhof. Chris’tian is very much impressed about the simplicity of the man and his humor and young spirit at the age of 75 now. Heinz is his hero.

When Chris’tian arrived at our place, we started talking bicycle stories like we could go on for ever. It felt just right to talk with somebody with the same” addiction”.  We didn’t know than that Chris’ had met Heinz.

When Chris was getting pretty sure about the fact that we were just as crazy about cycle adventures as he is, he said:

” I have the perfect gift for you guys !!! “

Than , he pulled out of one of his bicycle bags, a little booklet, signed by Heinz Stücke and gave it to us.

This was indeed perfect!!!

This was indeed perfect!!!

Chris stayed two night at our place and every now and than we mentioned Heinz in our never ending cycle talks.

I got more and more interested in the man’s story, and came along this video .

The last words in that video , definately discribe perfectly our condition: 

“chronische fahrrad krankheit”



Thanks Chris’tian  for  “infecting”  us a little bit more with the “chronic cycle disease” 


you can visit Chris’ website:  http://highfiving.jimdo.com/

or buy one of his amazing photographs:  http://christianmalsch.jimdo.com/