Picture story of our latest cycle trip in Switzerland.(2014)

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Community Supported Agricultur

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Since this year, we have a CSA farm in our village. We were two of the first persons joining it , not  knowing exactly  what it would be like. Since it all started up from nothing it took some time to get rolling, so the first weeks we were a bit disappointed in the amount of vegetables we could harvest.

But now we have an abundance…

this weeks harvest

this weeks harvest

After cleaning, it looked like this:


And these are all the meals I made with the veggies this week:

a big bowl of tomatoe soup

a big bowl of tomato soup

IMG_5599 IMG_5600

a first meal with fish and spinach beet in three different colors



sweat and sour pickles



string beans

IMG_5607 IMG_5608

sherry tomatoes


zucchini soup with green curry paste and coco milk


IMG_5632 IMG_5634

a stew with carottes, zucchini and tomatos




and last but not least : mussels with fennel

Aileen and Maria from London

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Aileen and Maria , 19 and 20 years old and on their second cycle trip.They surfed my couch last night.

Last year Maria asked Aileen on Face Book if she wanted to join her on a cycle trip to Berlin. Aileen said “yes”.

Their parents thought they were crazy and would never make it. But they did !!

And what’s even more: they decided to do it again this year, but now the goal is Paris.

The “microbe” hit hard I think, because they are already thinking big and plan to go cycling in New Zealand!!!

Good travels girls, wishing you all the best !!!

And thank you for your lovely signature on my friendships curtain.

IMG_5590 IMG_5591 IMG_5593

Another cycling nomad in the making !?

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Recently I decided to make a profile on the Warmshowers site. For several years we already enjoyed hosting guests from all over the world through couchsurfing. Warmshowers should be ideal for us, because it’s for cycle travelers only.

Last week I got my first request from a young Spanish guy. He stayed with us for just one night.

He has big plans,  to make a world tour for 5 years, through 50 countries with 5 euro’s a day…

Right now, he is just trying everything out and touring Europe for starters. He already decided he needs to buy front panniers to have a better overview of his luggage, and a better balance of the weight he is carrying.

I had the impression he has still a lot to learn about traveling by bike, but yet, he is only 19 years old.

When I asked him what brought him to this plan, I heard several levels of motivation:

One side of his motivation is that he thinks he is far too young to decide what to do with his life, and he isn’t interested in what seems to be the “normal” steps to take in life: study, work to get a house, a car, a television ….First he wants to explore the world, meet people, other cultures, and learn about himself.

Another side of his motivation is that he likes to move. He ran a marathon, but that wasn’t satisfying his hunger for movement… He tried longer distances, up to 100 km…but that didn’t do the trick  either…So slowly he got interested in traveling by bike. What was at first meant to be a several days ride became almost biologically a preparation for a worldtour…

I’m very curious how far this youngster will go to make his dream come true. I surely wish him all the best.

You can follow him on his blog .


ready to hit the road again

ready to hit the road again

Picture story cycletrip 2014 (part 1)

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In june we cycled from Belgium to the Suisse border in Basel, along the western front line of WW I.

Part 1 is an impression about the many monuments and wargraves we came across.

Part 2 is still in the making process!!!

On the road again !!!

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End of the month we start our cycle trip right at our doorstep. 100 years after the Great War, we decided to cycle the Frontline Route.

The route will bring us to Basel in Switzerland.

Once in Basel we stay with a couchsurfer who agreed to store our bikes for a month at her place.

We travel back by train and about one month later we come back to cycle a tour of Switzerland.





You will be able to follow us on my new online travel log


You just type in my name Lucienne in the search window and from there you will get access to my profile and will be able to become a follower or “volger” in Dutch.


Spinning lesson with my son.

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Since a few years I go spinning once a week with my son Frank.
Frank got me an action camera to use on our cycle trips.
I thought it might be a good idea to test the camera during our weekly lesson.
It turned out a very nice souvenir !!

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