Cycling the Camino de Santiago 2011

approximately the route we are going to follow : the Camino Frances

In about a week I ‘ll start my Camino, together with my cycling friend Oswald.
Our bicycles are already in Santiago, waiting for us…
We fly to Santiago on the 3rd of August and start our journey the next morning.
The plan is to do the trip in about 2 weeks , we fly back from Tarbes, near Lourdes on the 19 th.
I tried my best to get in shape, but I’m still a bit worried about my climbing capacities although my mate seems to have complete trust in me…I hope he is right !!!
Anyway, I’ll try my very best and I’m glad to have a cycling friend with more trust in me than myself…
 I don’t know if we will have the possibility and the time to get on the  internet from time to time to date you up, but if I can, here will be the place to read about it. Maybe you can find something on my home page too, where I can post by email.

to be continued...

 Some Live reports:

“Ola” from Samos .
We have been cycling 2 days now and till now Ican cope with the climbs and the heat.
I am very thankfull Oswald put a bigger gear on my bike, I  sure can use it for  long climbs.
The weather was rather cloudy, so temperature where okay for me.
Today we saw hundreds of Camino pelgrims…it made me feal “not the only one suffering ” to get at our goal. I realy shoulnt call it “suffering”…it went Okay.
For the one·s trying to follow us: yesterday we stayed in MELIDE and today we are in Samos. First day of cycling we did some 68 km and today 76. We already made reservations for tommorrow in PONFERADO, which gives us some more time to do the almost 86 kms.
After this , a climb of 20 km worries me a bit, but my mate seams to still have confidance in me…
 Maybe you will hear about in next time…
Buenas tardes.
Hello again from Castrojeriz near Burgos.
The Cruz de Ferro went well. The first 10km even very well I dare to say, but than the part with 10 procent where terribble… but I survived . I was very glad to reach the top together with Oswald. I think my condition is better than the first time we traveled together.Yesterday we had a long ride of 110 km because it was flat and we had to make up our daily average after the Cruz de Ferro. We had as much km s at noon as the whole ride of the day before.Today we cycled 85 km, flat and straight…too straight …even a bit boring, but than we animate our ride with telling jokes. Some moderate climbing and wind in front, forcing us to push the pedals even when going down…
It seems I don t have trouble with the heat anymore, but that s because we start early when it is still fresh, some 15 degrees, and it gets warmer bit by bit.
Muscles are in need of a good massage by now,but everything works out okay till now.
Tommorrow w get back in the mountains I think…
Bye, bye for now.
12 august 2011 Logroño
Hi again.
We arrived in Logroño around 14.00 and took our daily siesta in hostal Sebastian…much too hot to explore the city yet, some 35 degrees in the shade…
Around 16.00 we decide to go out, to eat a nice and cold icecream, than direction tourist info to look for an internet cafe… the best way to pass time till it s  a bit less warm…
Yesterday we were in Santo Domingo de la Calzada and visited the cathedral with the 500 year old chickens…you should look the story up!!!
I m amazed about our progression: tommorrow we ame for Pamplona, and the day after we will have the pyrenees and France. We cycled 715 km in total now, and I am still okay!!!
Buenas tardes.
17 august 2011
Since yesterday we arrived in Lourdes .We have 1035 km of cycling km’s in12 days.
We met the group of cyclists, with my brother in law Patrick , spend an evening together and today we took the bus to Tarbes where we have our flight back home the 19th.Patrick is now cycling back home on his own and the rest of the group is going back by car and took our bikes and half of our lugage.
It feels good to have done it and I proved there is more in me, so I’m glad about the journey, but now I long to be home again.
I feel grateful to have a cyclingfriend like Oswald, without him I would probably never have done this.
So that’s the end of the story now, more about it soon and lot’s of pictures will follow.

date                km’s            place    



03/08             9km                 COMPOSTELA   


  in the “container” part


04/08            68km                 MELIDE             

http://www.restaurantesony.com/indexSP.ht   2 singles at 18 euro/person


05/08              76km                SAMOS             

 http://www.hotelsearch.com/hotel/a-veiga-samos.en.html  attic room hotel: 40 euro


 06/08              85 km               PONFERRADA   



07/08               59km                ASTORGA            


57 euro


08/08             110km                SAHAGUN           



 09/08           85km                    CASTROJERIZ
10/08            51km                       BURGOS
on the 7th floor, our bikes are in a little cellar
11/08              91km                        SANTO DOMINGO DE LA CALZADA
beautifull hostal
12/08          66 km                          LOGRONO
13/08          70km                            PUENTA LA REINA
14/08          104km                            ST JEAN PIED DE PORT
15/08            58km                           MONTORY
55 euro
16/08            85km                           LOURDES 
17/08               –                             TARBES
 60 euro
18/08             –           COUCHSURFING  with Valerie who drove us to the airport in the morning   

Photostory of my Camino.

I deciced to put my written journal about the trip on my other site in dutch because a lot of people prefere to read it in Dutch and to me it’s easier to write too.


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