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   Das Lahntal 2010  


16th Juli 2010

We are planning a little tour in Germany next week.

The Lahntal-route and a part of the R8 to connect the beginning and ending of this route.

26th  Juli 2010

So, we are back home and had a great time along the River Lahn


We started home on Sunday morning, having  no real plans for accommodation. After some 5 hours driving we arrived at the region of the Lanhtal. We first tried to find the source of the river which we thought was at the place Netphen, but didn’t find it. Later on that evening we had a better look in our guidebook, and saw that we should have been looking for a place called  Volkholz. We didn’t find any accommodation that close to the source, but about 20 km further downstream we found a guest room in Bad Laasphe . Our host Martha suggested a great restaurant nearby for dinner, where we met another cycling couple. We talked all evening … well we were more like listening to the lady who gave us the impression she  could chat for hours and hours. At last we were happy to get rid of her… she told us our German was very good, but I think she overestimated us, we had a headache after trying all evening to understand her never-ending German story. They were planning the same route, but  planned to start in the morning by going back up the river to the source and then come back…

” Ouch… saved by the bell !!! “


  Monday 19th Juli 2010

We started our first cycling day, in excellent conditions, what a difference with our Tour of the Netherlands in May : sun shining , no wind, nice temperature…a cyclists dream come true !!!

Just out of Bad Laasphe we stopped at a little pond where we saw a turtle having his daily sun on a tree.

  It’s getting warmer and  warmer, and I’m really not at my best in such a heat. It doesn’t seem to bother Chris although, he had more trouble cooping with the cold in The Netherlands.

We reach Marburg, the first Protestant University town of Europe, and we have a drink in the shadow of some nice trees on the terras of a Greek Restaurant. We meet a grandfather cycling with his two granddaughters: he is looking for the youghthostel of Marburg and as we have this information in our guidebook, we can give him the address. He is very thankful.

  Just outside Marburg we find a camping near to a  swimming lake, where there are lots of people enjoying the water. We place our tent along the Lahn and find ourselves the most  cute little place next to the water, to enjoy nature and shadow.

We can have some snacks at the camping and I discover my favourite refreshing drink for the week: Apfelschörle.

We have a total of 76 km for day one , a good start.

 Tuesday 20th Juli 2010.

  I’m the first one up this morning and I go at the reception to buy us some croissants and two cups of coffee. Next to our tent there is a father with his two kids on bicycles too. When we are ready and packed to hit the road again, he offers us a spare tire he bought himself the day before but had the wrong measures.

The route is splendid again, very much variation: fields, woods and with this heat one would think being in the south of France sometimes.

  We pass trough Wetzlar where we take the time to be a tourist: we eat a wonderful Pizza at a real Italian “da Enzo”. It’ s really not worth to cook for yourself around here, everything is so tasteful and cheap.We take  “die alte brücke” and go visit  ” die alte stadt” and enjoy a magnificent ice cream with a delicious cappuccino.

We continue our route along the Lahn and we come across a fountain with sparkling source water. Tastes a bit strange but very cold so we fill up all of our 5 bottles and refresh ourselves.

As it’s still quiet warm we enjoy cycling rather late,when the warmest part of the day is gone. So we have an Italian salad for dinner and continue our route.

Several times we are wondering why not camp in the wild, because we come across some beautiful quiet places. But as we are looking forward to a nice shower we keep on cycling till we literally drive into a camping. The attendant isn’t there, but there is a phone number we can call for free. So we get ourselves a nice place near the Lahn again. We even have the possibility to have a cold drink on a terras on the campground itself.

We have 68 km today.

Wednesday 21st Juli 2010

The warmth of the sun awakes us. We have breakfast at a picnic table nearby. It’s very hot to cycle, but the scenery is great. We reach Wetzlar and decide to cross  “die alte Lahnbrücke”  one more time to have a look at the old city part. We offer ourselves a tasting salad  for lunch and a few hours later a chocolate pudding with vanillesaus…mmmm!!!!

We decide to continue our route till Lahnstein, where the Lahn flows into the Rhein, and not take the R8 in Limburg to go back directly to Wallau near to the place where we left our car. For that we have to take a hill where our road book suggests to take a train…”no we are no sissies…so we go by bike!!!” The climb is rather steep and the surface is just ground ans stones…Downhill is much better luckily, we reach speeds of about 60 km /hour !!

Some 7 km after that climb we arrive in Obernhof, the only winevillage on the Lahn. We get ourselves a camping, where we can eat. After a placing the tent and having a shower we go out , hoping to taste a glass of local wine in the vollage…everything seems to be closed, but we have a look at the other side of the bridge, and there just around the corner we see a “weinstube” where there is still some light. We enjoy a bottle of white wine in a very nice place , under the growing grapes.

Even with our climb we still did 62 km today.


Thursday 22nd Juli 2010

I go to the village to do some shopping for breakfast and then we start our last part of the Lahntal route: just around the corner, we pass the “weinstube” of last night, and then we have a very steep climb to Kloster Arnstein: 16%…not bad for a starter of the day!!!

We reach Lahnstein were the Lahn flows into the Rhein. We have several showers getting us wet, but as it isn’t cold, it doesn’t bother us really.

The man at our camping place this morning, gave us the advice to continue our journey along the Rhein, once’s we arrive there. Just to Koblenz, and there we should find our way, in NE direction, starting somewhere in Bendorf.We try to find some maps near Koblenz, and later in Bendorf, but … no luck. So we plan our route with the navigation tool. We succeed to find the route the man spook about, but there’s a lot of traffic and no separate cycle lanes…

We don’t see much sleeping possibilities along our road, so at the evening we consult our navigation system for hotels nearby: the first one we find, is closed… it’s getting rather late and the road are going up and down as soon as you leave the main road… The second hotel we reach seams by the look of it expensive… It is too!!! but it’s late , we are tired and we want a place to sleep…so we just pay a fantastic room. The receptionist told us we could eat in the restaurant downstairs till late in the evening, but we were thinking: if the prices for meals are the same as for the room…. So we cooked our little meal in our expensive room on the marble table…We were enjoying the funny side of this situation. 😀

We read 74 km on our bike computers today.

Friday 23rd July 2010

Breakfast in the hotel was magnificent… we tried to eat a lot to compensate the price of our stay 😉

Finding the R8 isn’t that easy, we have a lot of roads with too much traffic and hilly, but with the help of the maps we bought yesterday, we move fast. Everything seems to be closed today, we even don’t find any place to eat till 15 o’clock: we have a very good “grill teller” which makes it even heavier to climb just after dinner. It’ almost evening when we find a store to do some shopping: we prepare ourselves for wild camping, because campinggrounds are rare around here too.

After our shopping in Driedorf, we find the R8 and it’s a big releave to have our own bike lane again..we enjoy it.  Even more because it’s going slightly downhill for almost 20 km till Burg.

We reach Dillenburg at an hour for looking for an accommodation, so we consult the navigation system again: first a hotel in the centre, that we find  fully booked…but the lady tells us we may have luck at a pension nearby. It’s already getting dark when we find the pension, which from the outside, is looking abandoned …but well we have nothing to lose so we ring the bell. Miraculously there is someone opening the door and the young woman even tell us she has a room for us. We are just in time for escaping a thunderstorm .  Today we ride 78 km and we are at some 50 km from where we left our car in Bad Laasphe.

Saturday 24th July 2010

After a nice breakfast in Dillenburg we continue along the R8, first we have a piece that rides just along the highway, but later on we have little quiet roads again, the R8 is really commendable. No that we are fully prepared , we see shops on every corner of a street… We even see two deer playing around in a field near a village.

We reach our same route from when we started the trip at Amaliënhütte and are curious if the water turtle will be at the same spot at the pond!? No…she isn’t!!!

We arrive back at Martha’s in Bad Laasphe around 15 h. After some refreshment we go for a walk in town: we climb to the castle and enjoy a drink there. We than have dinner at the same place as our first night, but inside now, it is not that hot this time.

Today we only ride for 40 km but our total reaches about 400 km, not bad at all.

Sunday, 25 Juli 2010:

We have a little talk with our host Martha who has 80 years and is still very good for her age it seems to me. She tells us that her husband will escort us out-of-town, because today it’s Lahntal-total so the first 60 km of the Lahntal are not accessible for cars, only for bikes. We should have come a week earlier !!!





































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  1. Veerle
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 21:24:32

    Nice people meeting nice people! perfect!
    Looking forward to the rest of the story!!



    • ria
      Sep 07, 2010 @ 21:32:42

      Geniet maar volop van jullie laatste week op een droomreis
      ria en Hugo


  2. Jos & Iris
    Sep 04, 2010 @ 22:09:18

    Met aandacht jullie avontuur gevolgd. Ook via google maps, mij de plaatsen een beetje voorgesteld. Nog veel succes

    Jos & Iris


  3. patrick
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 22:10:42

    I’m getting jealous…. You’re not allowed to enter Belgium again without lots of pictures and a good story to tell !!

    brother Patrick ( your brother , not the monk !)


  4. vakantiefietserke
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 11:18:38

    sorry guys, these comments really belong under “canada 2010” , but I just made a new page out of it!!!


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