My Truman show.

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Yesterday I watched the movie The Truman Show. At first a disturbing movie, but the pieces fall together after a while, and the more I thought about it, the more I got it.

This morning I watched the ending scene again, and it occured to me that my life has a lot in commun with this story.

If I replace :

the director of the show- played by Ed Harris- by my father.

the biggest studio ever build by the warm cocoon where I grew up;

I suddenly understand both viewpoints, aswell the directors as the one of the star of the show, who never ever wanted to be a star.

It was hard for me, to find out that the real world was outside that warm “studio”, but the sense of freedom I gained since I opened the door is much more heartwarming than any certainty I had inside.

Real freedom is being able to decide by yourself.


Finger painting reinvented.

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We  probably all remember our own, or our kids first pieces of art, made with paint and fingers…
This week I felt like a kid again: I discovered an application for sketching on my tablet, SKETCHBOOK X.
The thought behind my search was: could it be possible to have a sketching device to bring along while cycle touring?
Some of the good memories from my childhood are the times when I set down somewhere along a country road with my dad and my brother, drawing some landscape.
I don’t know if I will actually do some drawing on our holiday in a few weeks, but I like the idea of having a possibility.
I still have to get used to finger painting on a tablet, but I already had a good time with the first things I created literally with my fingertips.




Tom from Darwin, Australia


Since couch surfing offers a new feature where you can invite surfers that are coming your way, we have met the most interesting people: first we had Josh from the UK, than Tchey  from France and now Tom from Australia.

Every single one of them has his own special story but the three of them have something interesting in common: they don’t want to lead an insignificant life of going with the flow, they choose their own way. Josh trusts in his faith and is artistic en socially engaged. Tchey wants to keep in touch with nature as much as possible and doesn’t accept to give away the directions of his life to anyone else than himself. Tom is lawyer, and thereby achieved his place in our society but still has the courage to do the unusual, by deciding at the spot , to cycle from London back to Berlin where he currently lives.

as Tom offered to play the guitar after dinner I invited my daughter and son-in-law, because he is learning to play the guitar too, and I thought this would be fun for him

in the morning Chris and Tom fixed the problem with the tire

Tom finally ready to get off again, heading to Gent

Tom brought us a speciality from his hometown: dried mango chips.

Once again it was a wonderful couch surf experience.

I have a dream.


http://www.northsea-cycle.com/  website

getflashplayer\”   link to a promotional film for the route

Yes, I have a dream: a dream to once cycle the complete North Sea Cycle Route.

6000 km long: this would be good for a whole summer of cycling.

We cycled parts of it already: the section in the Netherlands and the section in Denmark.

Scotland has always been on my wish list too and Norway speaks to my imagination…

So I just keep on dreaming and hopefully once my partner has his pension we will still be able to do it.

For now I see it as a good reason or motivation to keep in shape !!!


Life is like a bicycle journey !!!

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I came across this inspiring message on you tube.

So it seems not only my dad made the comparison of life with a cycle journey.

There is still hope for this world.

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I was raised by parents that were almost by definition  against anything concerning computers or the internet. This negativism had everything to do with not knowing “the enemy”.  When I first got to know the medium, I was rather afraid of it too: my children were growing up, and you heard so much about the dangers of the medium. Bit by bit I learned about the world-wide web. There are still a lot of dangers left I think, specially for young people who don’t have the chance to get to know the medium  in a positive way.

There is a positive side to it, even a very positive in my opinion. I see so much good and creative ideas on the net , launched by idealistic young people. These idealists were there before too of course, but if and when they had a world-changing idea, they talked about it to their best friends and in most of the times, after a small period of time the idea simply died. Now, you can launch your ideas on the www, and if by any chance somewhere on the other side of the globe someone thinks the same, you can get connected, and if the idea has a real chance of changing the world, it will not die, it will grow.

If you are thinking that bad idea’s has just as much opportunities to grow on the www, I must admit you are right. But still… I think this is the first time in history a good idea inside of the head of an invisible  individual can grow to be a world-wide solution for worldwide problems. So we should embrace the opportunity.

Some examples of positive vibes I recently came across:


and the example that for sure works: I know because I’m part of it!!


The miracle of life.

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The miracle of life.

Yesterday 22/09/2011 my 5th grandchild Aleksei was born.
He is my son’s son, and my third grandson.

Although being a grandmother isn’t new anymore for me of course, this new life is always a miracle. It reminds us of the blessings of our own lives, of the happiness when our own children were born.

Welcome Aleksei on this beautiful planet and in our family , may you have a happy life.

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