After 5 years, finaly the picture story about our cycle adventure in BC

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This is the first picture story I made with a not free program (Wondershare Slideshow Builder)

Hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy re-living yhis trip of ours.


Spinning lesson with my son.

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Since a few years I go spinning once a week with my son Frank.
Frank got me an action camera to use on our cycle trips.
I thought it might be a good idea to test the camera during our weekly lesson.
It turned out a very nice souvenir !!

Our year 2011.


I tried to make a overvieuw of the most important things that happened throughout our year 2011.

The miracle of life.

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The miracle of life.

Yesterday 22/09/2011 my 5th grandchild Aleksei was born.
He is my son’s son, and my third grandson.

Although being a grandmother isn’t new anymore for me of course, this new life is always a miracle. It reminds us of the blessings of our own lives, of the happiness when our own children were born.

Welcome Aleksei on this beautiful planet and in our family , may you have a happy life.

Cycling with grandchildren.

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For the first time we went for a ride with my youngest daughters two girls .

We cycled 30 km along the river Leie near their place Wervik.

Could we have a small cycle vacation next summer ?? this would sure be nice.

14/05/2011 Nara’s first hours.

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Today my second granddaughter Nara is born.  She weighs 3,670 Kg and is 50 cm tall.

Once again I had the chance to be present at the birth of a grandchild , for the 4th time now.  I think this was the first time I truly realized what was happening… a great wonder of nature !!! So many different emotions are going through once’s  head when you get the chance to be there with your daughter when giving birth… fear for something bad happening, wanting to help but not really being able to, admiration for the strength of your daughter,  such a release when the baby is there, loving feelings in general… All together very mixed feelings !!!

It’s so amazing to see how we all arrive on this world, we should never forget what a gift life is, what a gift a mother is.

Thanks mother nature.

Looks can deceive…

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We went for a few  days in between holidays to a holidaypark in the Netherlands and decided this time we wouldn’t take our bikes but would be having some walks in the autumn woods…

Chris who is always taking good care of his stuff had his old but looking brand new walkingshoes…but… looks can deceive!!



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