Bona and Sunny, two cycling sisters, send us a request to stay with us through warmshowers.

We read on their profile, that they are on their first big cycling trip, starting in Madrid (Es) and going through Europe.

They would be arriving around 18.00 on Thursday. Since we were out ourselves on that day, we had to hurry to be home in time.

In the car, around 17.30, I got a phonecall:  Bona and Sunny’s previous host from Bruges told me he was at our door with the two girls and their bikes and luggage…he decided to give them a lift because of the rain. They already cycled from Bruges to Gent and back that day and were cold.

We arrived some 10 minutes later and welcomed the girls and thanked their host.

We immediately felt a connection and started talking and having fun. Bona the youngest sister is the one who speaks English the best, she lived in the States for some years. Sunny is the quit one. While they were having a “warm shower” (!), I prepared diner and after some more talking,the sisters had a deserved early night.

In the morning, I first took the girls shopping, because they wanted to prepare a Korean dish for us in the evening…how exiting is this?!!

Than Chris – magic mechanic 😉 – started his bike repair course. It was so nice to see the three of them having so much fun together and learning fluently. Teacher and pupils equaly happy!!!

After the “hard work” Chris promissed the girls to go to “beer heaven“. So we did: we took them to the local beershop and they were amased by the amount and different kinds of beer. Chris explained thoroughly about beers and their origine and taste…with a lot of typical “ooohhh and aaahhh’s ” in responce from Sunny and Bona   😀

Back home Sunny and Bona started cooking, and it was my time to learn: how to make an eggroll, how to use soy sauce, how to eat the Koran way…Diner was delicious !! Diner was also combined with  beer tasting and a lot of laughter.

We finished the evening in two seperate groups: Chris and Bona organising the route for tommorrow to Lille (Fr) . Sunny and me having a philosophical conversation about life in general.

This morning after breakfast Sunny and Bona continued their journey: cycling to Lille, where on Sunday morning they take a train to Milano in Italy.

Brave girls, we miss them already!!!

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