When I got a request from Anna and Kris on the Warmshowers website , I didn’t hesitate one minute to accept.

Meeting for the first time travellers that are accualy on the road for almost two year, is a wonderfull opportunity.

Anna and Kris were both born in Poland, as the “first free generation” as they call it. They met at a very young age: she was 15 and he 18, when they traveled for the first time together by bicycle. The world was open for discovery and they continued traveling as much as possible. They are a couple for 17 years now and in May 2013 they started on a big cycling trip through South America.

We hosted them at the end of their South America trip, going back to London. Kris’ family is living there , and so London became some kind of a “basekamp” in between travels. Anna works as a fitness instructor and Kris works for a garbage collecting compagnie. They get their jobs back any time they are back in the country.Now it’s again a working period for them, but not the end of traveling: they are thinking about going to Asia for cycling or maybe horse riding through Mongolia.

The natural way those two belong together is wonderfull to see !

Anna and Kris you definately understand what life is about. Hope you have a long happy life together and maybe we can meet again some day.

Happy Trails !!!