When I read the couch request, I immidiately recognised the name and I got exited: its always nice when people come and surf for the second time.
After a long summer of adventures,Josh hitchhiked back home to the UK leaving his beloved tricycle with his friends in Germany. Now he is joining the group again for the summer. He decided to pay us a visit on his way.
We are looking forward meeting him on Wednesday.

Thursday 30 may 2013

I just dropped Josh near the motorway , he hopes to arrive hitchhiking near Dresden tonight…



He arrived yesterday evening around 18.00 with a man who was so kind to bring him right at our door.
I prepared a Belgian cheese and beer dinner and we spend the whole evening talking about what happened to us all, since we met, more than a year ago.
It seems that we all learned a lot about ourselves and it’s nice to see that the somehow chaotic mind of Josh turned into a more settled mind after a year of experiencing all kind off adventures. He was strugling with a lot of pieces of dreams of his, which he now thinks to bring all together next year, after another summer of learning and adventures.
He learned that he needs a place to call home and people to go home to, although he loves beeing on the road.

One thing is sure: if we ever decide to go cycling in the UK, we will contact Josh and if possible meet him there to do some cycling together.