In 2010 we were cycling in Canada, following the Trans Canada Trail , somewhere around Vancouver . After a terrible climb , we descended  Burnaby Mountain. We needed a place to spend the night, and our road book was telling us there should be some campground around.

So when at a stoplight a cyclist was asking us about our ride, we too asked him a question: if he knew of any campground or other sleeping possibility. We immediately understood that the man was willing to offer us his garden to pinch up our tent, but he had to call his wife first to see if she would agree too.

And yes, lucky us…she was.

So the man, called Luis, first showed us where we could go to eat in Burnaby , and drew a plan to his house on a piece of paper.

Later this evening we arrived at these generous people’s house, pitched up our tent, had a nice shower and a drink and a good talk.

In the morning we continued our bike trip with lots of interesting information on the cycle paths on Vancouver Island where we were heading to.

We had exchanged our Face Book profiles and kept in touch, and thanks to FB we learnt a lot more about our friendly hosts in Canada .

It was also through FB that we heard about their plans in 2012 to go to Europe and to try to do some cycling over here.

I didn’t have to think about it and offered them to come and visit us and to stay and plan their trip from starting from our home. I also offered them to use our bikes and our camping gear, so it was really difficult for them to refuse I suppose…

So after some mails we got an agreement. and on the 23rd of may they arrived in Bruges with the train from Germany .

We first visited Bruges of course.And on their second day we adjusted our bikes to their height and did a first little test ride together towards Bruges again, we had the most fabulous weather in weeks.

The next morning Luis and Rachel were off on their own for several days. When they got back we had another visitor: Luisa , also a cyclist who was our guest trough Couch Surfing.

In the morning Luis and Rachel started their second part of their cycle trip, going first to Ypres and it’s lots of war memories, and then towards the Belgian Coast.

When they got back for the second time our grandson Arne was with us for the weekend.

Luis and Rachel invited us out for dinner for the second time and we had a very pleasant evening together.

In this short period of time we became real friends and we are invited back to Canada now…so maybe one day we will have another Canadian Adventure !!!!

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