Since couch surfing offers a new feature where you can invite surfers that are coming your way, we have met the most interesting people: first we had Josh from the UK, than Tchey  from France and now Tom from Australia.

Every single one of them has his own special story but the three of them have something interesting in common: they don’t want to lead an insignificant life of going with the flow, they choose their own way. Josh trusts in his faith and is artistic en socially engaged. Tchey wants to keep in touch with nature as much as possible and doesn’t accept to give away the directions of his life to anyone else than himself. Tom is lawyer, and thereby achieved his place in our society but still has the courage to do the unusual, by deciding at the spot , to cycle from London back to Berlin where he currently lives.

as Tom offered to play the guitar after dinner I invited my daughter and son-in-law, because he is learning to play the guitar too, and I thought this would be fun for him

in the morning Chris and Tom fixed the problem with the tire

Tom finally ready to get off again, heading to Gent

Tom brought us a speciality from his hometown: dried mango chips.

Once again it was a wonderful couch surf experience.