A few weeks ago an article in the Couch Surf Group from Bruges,  got my attention: a  young performing artist was looking for a place to surf sometimes around the beginning of March. The guy was planning a trip with his tricycle from the UK to Berlin in Germany. In Berlin he would be joining a group of artists going off for a tour in eastern europe. You can read about them on their site: http://www.2wheels4change.com/. As you will see they are all on different kinds of custom-made bicycles.

I contacted him and we came to an agreement.

So last thursday after his first week of cycling he arrived at our place.

Josh told us he had some trouble with the wheels feeling lose and wobbly since the last few days.

In the evening, Chris looked up some tricycle mechanics on the internet, hoping to be able to fix the problem on friday.

Of course Chris was curious about cycling this tricycle, and he had a test ride after trying to fix the wheel problem.

Josh had a test ride too, and was very pleased with the result and now knowing what to do if the problem occurred again.

We spend a good time together, talking about cycling, traveling, being organised or not, world changing ideas like : ” a beautiful day-day ” or building a cycle able to row on the water…

And than this morning we accompanied Josh towards the Canal Ostend Gent, which would bring him easily on quit roads to his next pit stop Gent.

Maybe Josh should do a little effort to be a bit more organised:  he forgot his sketchbook and case at our home …

So we sprinted back home while he was waiting for us. We than went back to the canal with the car to deliver his sketchbook.

Anyway I think Josh is a great guy, and I admire his courage and willingness to do what he is doing.

Have a good trip !!!


















You can follow Josh’ adventures on his personal blog: