Mihaly and Kinga

Mihaly and Kinga a young Hugarian couple, came to Bruges for a frisbee competition and decided to stay 2 days longer to visit Bruges .

Mihaly is studying psychology  and Kinga wants to be a primary school teacher in the near future, a choice of the heart I understood.

We spend two interesting evenings together getting to know each other. After that first evening Kinga and I already felt close, due to our similar characters. In a short time  we were talking about more personal things and then discovered that strange enough Mihaly and Chris had some surprising similarities too. It was rather funny and intriguing at the same time.

Finaly Mihaly asked  ” when is Chris born ? ”

” In march ” I said.

” what day? ”

“the 12th”

Mihaly is born March the 17th … under the same sign of the Zodiac that is..FISCH.

Strange coincidence or what?

Anyway, Mihaly and Kinga will stay in my heart and I hope to see them again one day.


Mihaly is playing with the  LOL ultimate frisbee team from Budapest, you can read all about them here: