Ophelia and Chris

First we had Ophelia from Taiwan, but studying in Spain, who came to visit Brugge during her Easter Holidays. A very polite young girl who took pictures of every meal I put on the table. I prepared a typical Belgian meal : “Vlaamse stoofkarbonaden” a  meatstew , prepared with beer and a bit of chocolate , served with Belgian fries and homemade pears from my mother’s garden.

A week later Mark and Be from the USA were in Brugge after their bike and barge trip from Amsterdam to Brugge. They planned to stay for just one night and then travel further to France. unfortunately Be fell with her bike during one of the last rides and broke a rib. In the morning Be told us she didn’t sleep all night because of the pain, and was considering to interrupt her trip to France and maybe try to get home as soon as possible. She had a request for us: could they stay a little longer so that they could rearrange their plans considering the situation? Of course they could stay.  So Be tried to get some sleep in the afternoon while Marc and us enjoyed a little bike ride in our area.

Marc is a cyclist too and is planning a trip from Kopenhagen to Amsterdam with his bikefriday, a special kind of folding bike fitting in a suitcase that works as luggage transporter for the bike too :     http://youtu.be/IwStL94Xudo

bikeriding with the inventor of one of the first rowcycles: Mark Ellefson.

tasting a real Belgian beer at the local pub in Ruddervoorde.

 The next morning Be felt ready to travel on and after making some arrangements for their new schedule the couple continued their trip.

Be ready to hit the road again.


   Max and Marina from Moskou brought two uninvited guests , we adopted them with love and will call them Max and  Marina to remember their friendly visit 😉

Max plays guitar and writes his own songs. It happens I found an old guitar when cleaning my parents house, but it has a broken string. I asked some advice to Max and he just played one of his songs…the broken string didn’t seem to bother him at all… His voice remembered me of classic Russian choirs…very good.

Marina and Max with Chris before leaving.

Max singing his song.