The weekend of the 19th and 20th march we wanted to attend the yearly fair in Retie, and as we know from previous years, their is so much to see, hear and explore… one day is too short!!! So we decided to look for CS hosts near to the fair. Gerdje ‘s profile looked so nice and interesting, so I send a request which was immidiately accepted.
The most interesting item I attend to on the fair, was a book presentation by a young couple who cycled 20.000 km in one year, from Hungry to China. Amazing story, amazing pictures, amazing people!!!
Our evening with Gerdje and Pol , our CS hosts was splendid: we talked and talked untill very late in the evening. We had a diner like in the best restaurant!!! We sleaped in Joost’s room the eldest son, who was on scouts-weekend.
In the morning we had a great breakfast and than started for a bikeride. We went to the fair for a short second time to buy some stuff we saw the day before, and than took another route back to Gerdje’s house. We had a 69 km ride which was in the line of our plans.
We weren’t expecting our hosts to cook us dinner for a second time, but Gerdje’s spaghetti was ready within 5 minutes after we entered their house… We started chatting again, and realy had to say “okay, we should go home!!!”…with the sure impression to see eachother again.
A splendid weekend thanks to CS again 🙂    THE FAIR                                                                                             THE BOOK


nice weather and beautifull nature

on top of the touristic tower near to Gerdje's home in Herentals

our CS hosts: Pluchke, Pol and Gerdje