<Digimax S830 / Kenox S830>

Alex and Natasha from Moskou wanted to see Brugge on their way to visit their son who is working in a labatory in Zaragoza (Spain) for his studies.

They discovered couch surfing on the internet and ended up sending us a request.They even proposed to cook us a Russian diner.

Unfortunately Alex’  gps send him from Charleroi to our place on small roads, so it took more time than expected to arrive…They still wanted to do the shopping and cook diner for us, but as the shops would probably all be closed and I wasn’t prepared either, we went to the local chips shop Knipogende emoticon

We had a nice entertaining conversation and once more got convinced there are nice people all around the world and couch surfing is one of the best ways to get to know the world.

Natasha ‘s mother knitted some nice  socks  for me.

<Digimax S830 / Kenox S830>

We can start dreaming to visit Moskou or Cheboksary a place 600 km more to the east  near the Wolga , where Alex is born…. tempting I must say !!!