Stéphanie and Brice from France visited us with their 2 daughters: Gwenaëlle who has 8 years and her little 2 moths old sister Camylle.

Gwenaëlle is a real little mother for her sister and you just see and feel the love between those two, something no one can fake.

Gwen made me a nice drawing and we enjoyed playing Scrabble with the parents too, in two languages French and Dutch…at the end we even accepted English words and were very creative in making new words Knipogende emoticon  We played till 03 in the morning and had a good sleep in the morning, which left us with a brunch instead of a breakfast before the family left our home to visit Bruges.

While her parents prepared everything to get on the road again Gwen learned some Dutch from me, she wrote everything in a little book and when she said goodbye, she looked at her book and said   “ tot ziens ”  … such a sweet girl !!!

Stéphanie is very into photography, so we had some paparazzi –pictures

close up 2           Camylle

GWENAËLLE                                                        CAMYLLE


introduction to Scrabble : eating lettre biscuits and making words…

DSC_6375   DSC_6376

Stéphanie and Gwen in the morning              Brice and Chris …the more serious eaters !!


Gwen looking for the scarce chocolate chips in the cereals  Glimlach


DSC_6378    DSC_6384

me with the two girls                                    Chris with Camylle