Jase and Rosey

Once again we had the pleasure to meet some nice Couch Surfers. Two linguistic students from Australia on their tour around the world. We had some interesting talks about the understanding between different generations and what CS contributes to it.Rosey is gluten intolerant, but that didn’t stop her from traveling the world, which I think is great. I loved Jason’s enthusiasm about his insects pictures from all over the world. He even showed me a caterpillar I never saw before, and told me he shot the picture in Bruges  🙂

They stayed 2 nights with us and then I suggested them to surf my daughters place in Wervik, because they wanted to visit Ypres and the Australian war graves. It was my daughters first introduction to  CS , and I already heard she and her husband had a very good time with Jase and Rosey.

I realy think CS should be  a must have experienced for all politicians, maybe there would be a better understanding,…or maybe we are all just dreamers like John Lennon … Imagine