me, Vanessa and Daniela

Vanessa and Daniela both share the same name:  “Drogo” , but aren’t related in any way. They started talking to each other trough Facebook, because of their name. They found out they both originated from Sicily, their both fathers lived in two nearby villages, had the same name but didn’t knew each other. Vanessa and Daniela became friends, not only on FB, but also in real life.  So now they were travelling together in Belgium. And the Couchsurfing Organisation brought them to my house near Bruges.

Meeting Daniela and Vanessa turned out to be very special for me :  while talking and knowing they were interested in art I showed them some paintings of my dad. Since they seemed to like it very much I told them about the book I’m working on about my father. They were so genuinely interested that I started showing them lot’s of drawings my father made and I have on my computer. Vanessa said: ” I have to do something, this is so special…”… I didn’t know what she meant by  that, but in the end she offered me to try to make some sort of exposition of my father’s work in an art gallery in Firenze, were she works ! …waow…I’m not sure if I really realise what is happening… So now I have to send her e few of the best drawings by mail, so she can show them to other people, to see if there are really possibilities. Vanessa told me the work of my father reminded here of a mexican painter : Frida Kahlo.   I just had a look on the website, and I must say…she has a point .

Daniela has a  Degree in literature and philosophy at the Catania university. and then at the Florence University: Istituto per l’arte e il restauro in Florence, and she’s working as a restaurateur at :

I have to thank them for encouraging me to continue the work on the book, because now I know it could be interesting for other people too, not only for our  family.They even told me I had to do the book in English… so I have a lot of  work to do !!!

Grazie mille Daniela e Vanessa !!!