You’re a fly on the wall at your own funeral. What are people saying about you? That’s an interesting question !!

It really doesn’t make much difference to me once I am death , although…if I am that fly?? than the real question sounds more like: what would you like to hear people say???

Since I am not a religious woman, I don’t do things to please my God, and in that way reassure my “afterlife” . But somehow I realise that I would be pleased if people appreciated me as a person. If some of them, maybe just a few, had learned something from me. I sure would like to hear some of them say : well she had a difficult life, but she managed to turn it all into a positive lifestyle. She enjoyed every minute of her  bike trips with the love of her life, and she left us great souvenirs to remember her.

And most important : ” she had a good age!!! ”

What I wouldn’t like to hear : ” such a pitty she couldn’t enjoy any longer the happiness she finally found ”

Yes I do love to live, and hope to be around for quite some time !!!!

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