A skill I’m really enjoying and didn’t master being young, is the skil of making friends.

I was rased in a way I really didn’t saw the need to find more friends, since my parents were my best friends… Well maybe you think this is the best start in life, and in some way I agree, but still : making friends should be a primary skill people learn when growing up. You don’t have your parents for all of your life, and you need friends in every fase of your life.

I had one good friend being a child; and we are still best friends, even if we are living on two different continents now, and that feels very special.

But somehow starting from the day I married I didn’t had friends to support me confronting everyday problems. Only when I was on my own again some 30 years later, I developed the skill of making friends, and that made my life so much richer.

Now the relationship with my new partner is based on friendship, which makes things much easier. We respect our mutual friends from before we met and make new one’s together at every opportunity. An interesting way to make friends is the couch surfing idea we are part of since a short time.

There are different sorts of friendship of course: my lifelong friendship with my first friend from primary school is irreplaceable, I’m glad to have some friends I can always count on if needed, and I enjoy the passing friendship of couch surfers sharing some points of view in life.

I really which I learned it earlier, but maybe if you do, you enjoy it less!?

Can somebody tell me about it??