I guess I should already be thankful to be alive in ten years from now…I’ll be 62 … I really don’t get it, that sounds so “old” and I do feel so young still!!??

On the other side, my brother is 10 years older than me, and he looks very alive too. So what the heck…What would I like to have reached if I’m still around and kicking??

I sure would like to still have my partner next to me, my children to be happy in their lives, and to have a good relationship with my growing grandchildren.

A huge amount of good souvenirs about lots of biketrips yet to come now.

Lots of nice remembering about couchsurfers who visited us and still like to spend some time with us “oldies” in our home to share their adventures with us.

Well I must admit, this should be a possible goal, and I’m definatly going for it.

Whish me luck 🙂