Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed about a possibility to build and rebuild my own house.

 Now that I am not so young anymore , the dream keeps appearing every now and then. When I hear people talk about there dream houses, and also about what everyone would like to change in one’s  house after  been living  in it for a time…Or simply when one’s life situation changes: you had children and then suddenly they are all gone out of your house, and you would finally like some more space for your own hobby …

Well my dream is simple but then on the other side, why didn’t anyone thought about it like me and worked it out already???

I’m just a simple housewife with some crazy ideas, but who knows maybe there is someone out there with more skill than mine who can think of a possible way to make a dream come true !!

So I hear you all think: “what the hell is this great idea???”


The first houses I ever build myself,  were made from “lego” bricks. Very simple building blocks in my time, but at the time my children were little, the bricks got more and more shapes and possibilities.

Wouldn’t it be possible to construct something likewise in real dimensions and materials???

I realise there are more issues who can make problems, like what about water supply, electricity and so on…Well if people managed to walk on the moon, there should be a solution to this too , I think. You just have to find the right people with the right minds and the ball starts rolling…

So till here my contribution to a fabulous new building idea: I launched the ball!!!


maybe I wasn’t clear enough:
the biggest change I’m thinking of is the possiblity to make changes in the construction of your own house, one’s it is build !!!
for instance, you make a bigger kitchen, or one more room by rearranging the walls…