It actually all started with a bike trip I made with my parents and my youngest daughter in 2005. 

This was a trip along the Nord Sea Cycle Route , from home – which was then Menen in Belgium to somewhere around Den Haag in the Netherlands, and back home. 

Some kind of biking virus hit me , and from then I did everything in my power to go back on bike trips . I didn’t like to travel on my own, so in 2007 I organised a family bike trip in Ireland with 2 of my 3 kids and their partners.  

Although we had a great time, I was the only one  remaining hit by the virus, so I had to seek for other bike friends, which I definitely did 🙂 

In 2008 I did the most amazing trip through Hungaria , Romania and Bulgaria, starting in Budapest and ending some 1800 km later, at the Black Sea, with my friend Oswald. 

The same year I had another trip to Nevers in France, with another friend Ivan. We combined the trip with a week of canoeing along the river…and another little virus got me there 😉 

 In 2009 I fell in love with my last biking friend Chris and we did a complete tour of Denmark about 1100 km total. Later that year, while Chris was cycling with his “man only” group , I went on a second canoeing trip on the Loire with Ivan and the rest of the gang. We all had great times outdoors. 

Chris and I are now just a few weeks back home (Oostkamp, Belgium now) after a long distance bike trip along the Dutch borders, from about 1360 km in total. 


 NorthSeaCycleRoute  Netherlands 2005:

Ireland 2007 


 Romania 2008  


 France 2008  


 Denmark 2009  


Germany 2010

Canada 2010

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Bodensee and Austria 2011


Camino 2011

Groene Weg 2012


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Zweden- Noorwegen 2013

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